Why The Jalex Herd Show Coats Are Winning

The Jalex Herd show coats for 2013 are turning out to be a real winner for the Jalex team.

Since their début at Balmoral in May 2013, the Jalex Herd show coats are becoming the talk of the Northern Ireland show circuit.

Traditionally a small logo or name of the herd would be embroidered on the front left breast pocket of a show coat. Forward thinking James Alexander (owner of Jalex Herd) wanted his show coats to be different for the 2013 show season,  he wanted his Jalex Herd brand to be clearly visible on all of his team’s show coats.

So he called in apparel specialists ASL Creative (the owners of  WhiteShowCoats.com) to seek their advice. James had previously always used embroidery on his promotional clothing, so was slightly apprehensive when ASL Creative suggested printing “The Jalex Herd” on the back of the show coats in “flex vinyl”.  Andrew reassured James that flex vinyl is a tried and trusted printing method used on a wide range of clothing and that it can be washed at 60C° (the maximum wash temperature for the show coats) and  tumble dried on a low heat so he didn’t need to worry.

The added advantage of using flex vinyl over embroidery is that it is not heavy and moves freely with the material of the white show coat – a great bonus for the handlers wearing the show coats.

Winning Streak

The Jalex Herd show coats are becoming a real winner in their own right.

By having the “The Jalex Herd” printed on the back of the show coats spectators, other breeders and potential buyers at the ringside can immediately see who the animal being shown belongs to.

From a public relations perspective, the printed show coats have allowed the Jalex Herd to get more exposure across a wide range of media outlets.

Great For The TV Cameras (Click To Enlarge)

Great For The TV Cameras (Click To Enlarge)

Andrew says “Breeders and owners of show teams need to understand that photographs and images are playing an important role in everyday life. With the increased use of smart phones people are now taking photographs and posting them on social media platforms like Twitter, Pin Interest and Facebook often without a text caption. It is important to ensure your herd name/brand  is visible within those images – you never know who will be viewing them – it could be a breeder who is interested in purchasing stock from your herd or the images could end up being used in a farming publication.“.

A good example is this photograph:

Balmoral Show 2013 Young Handler Competition

It was posted on Facebook and reached 3,112 users, engaged 463 people and had 114 people actually talking about it. The Jalex Herd logo on the back of the Show Coat is clearly visible – 100% free advertising and brand exposure for The Jalex Herd.

Can you afford to miss out on such free advertising – don’t delay get the name of your herd on the back of your show coats simply complete Step 1 and Step 3 on the menu above.

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